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Why should i pay for a hosting service?

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Hosting & Domains

So you’ve decided to purchase a domain and the company that you purchased through has offered you a greatly reduced cost in hosting your website and emails, is this a good thing?

The only benefit in this solution is cost, its cheap and why is it cheap – as the registrar & hosting company will cram as many clients onto one computer as possible, there can be literally thousands of other websites and email hosting accounts on a single machine.

Why should you care? granted for a majority of the time things will be fine you may experience the odd hosting blip when they are moving or tidying up around customers, for example if someone signs up online for a cheap hosting package and uploads a virus to the website then the host may have to take the entire server down to rectify the issues.

The main problem comes from emails on a shared platform, with each server having many accounts on it all doing email you will find times where your emails wont reach their intended recipients and bounce back to you, what normally happens here is that the server has been blacklisted by some of the anti spam companies, when this happens those spam companies block an entire machine or range of machines from sending email to them, basically taring everyone with the same brush style and until the ‘spamming’ account is removed and the servers are requested to be marked again as clean.  You could see your emails being affected for a indefinite time, which could drastically affect your business.  The website is a great site for testing for blacklists and other email services.

Vone Services are quite selective on our hosting packages and we do not offer an online signup, as well as potential fraud we like to be aware of who we have on our servers and as a result our shared hosting servers are not as overloaded as many of the larger players, meaning our customers experience many fewer outages and problems with the added advantage of having our team of qualified engineers available should any issue arrive.