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Managed IT Support

Utilising a local outsourced managed IT support provider allows you to concentrate and focus on growing your own business safe in the knowledge that your IT requirements are under control.

Having your own in-house IT department is a costly expense many companies could do without, so having 24×7 access to experienced and knowledgeable computer engineers is a more cost effective option many companies opt for.

Some of the services included in our managed IT support contracts are listed below:


Our trained, qualified and experienced engineers are ready to assist you and your staff with any computer issues you may have, no matter how trivial it may seem to you we will ensure a speedy and efficient service to resolve your problem. Our remote access solutions allow us to easily take over and control your computers to diagnose and remedy your problem immediatly at the same time you contact us. If we are needed to come to site for any reason we can arrange an onsite support visit with an engineer matched to your problem to swifly resolve your problem at a convenient time for you.


Keeping a eye on your IT systems 24×7 is crucial to ensuring the smooth and continued running of your company,  we have software that continually monitors your network, servers and computers so that we can proactively diagnose and resolve issues before they become a problem.


Our staff are fluent in the common antivirus products on the market and we can ensure that your companies computers are patched with the latest antivirus revisions as soon as they are available. We are Avast/AVG partners and utilise their state of the art antivirus monitoring platform to enable us to actively monitor all the computers in your company and we are informed of any potential issues before they become an problem, we can quarantine computers on the network remotely if we believe a greater threat is detected. Speak to us if you wish your business to protected in this way.


Data backups are crucial for any business and we will monitor and check that your backups are being completed fully and stored completely, having an inadequate backup solution could lead to potential dataloss and problems in the event of a failure. We have a proven backup solution offering piece of mind for your business in the event of a what if scenario, so speak to us about how our vonebackup service can help protect your data.


We monitor and maintain the network security of the business from performing security audits on your firewalls, to ensuring that servers and computers are patched and maintained to a high level to ensure that your business runs efficiently when you need it.

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