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Complaints Policy

At Vone Services Limited we pride ourselves on and strive to provide excellent customer service and support services to all of our customer base. In the unlikely event that you experience any problem or misunderstanding, we are committed to addressing any complaint within a reasonable time frame (as laid out below) through to an amicable resolution.

Initial Contact & Response Timescales

Your first action should be to contact us as soon as is practical, so we have the opportunity to address and rectify any issue you may be experiencing. We can be contacted using any of the following means;


0345 004 8710

We will ackowledge your complaint during the phone call and discuss the best method of further communcation for both parties.


We will acknowledge your complaint email by reply, within 1 business day of receipt.


Vone Services Limited
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We will acknowledge your complaint letter by reply within 2 business day of receipt.


Ideally, we aim to resolve the majority of issues after initial contact to an amicable resolution.

However this is not always possible due to but not limited to the requirement of any reports, any investigations, supplier lead times, or systems not under the control of Vone Services Limited to facilitate a response. With this in mind, we aim to have resolved all complaints within a 28 day time frame.

In all cases, we will keep you apprised of any updates and expected time to resolution as often as is reasonably possible.

Unfortunately, there may be some rare cases where a complaint cannot be resolved, due to situations or systems beyond the control of Vone Services Limited.


We hope that your complaint never reaches this stage, but should you feel that the resolution to your issue,, or how your issue was dealt with, you can request that the complaint is escalated to our Senior Management team for further investigation.